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About the Festival

For the seventh consecutive year, Sochi is hosting the International Winter Arts Festival directed by Yuri Bashmet – an outstanding contemporary musician, a world-renowned violist, conductor, educator, and organizer. Since its first and relatively modest festivals, the Sochi Festival has grown into a major event on the European arts calendar, and now it is no exaggeration to say it ranks alongside the grandest European and American festivals with their many years of glorious history.

Although this year’s Festival coincides with the Winter Olympics, its program is truly broad-ranging and presents a worthy alternative to the sports competitions that will hold the whole world’s attention. As usual, the public can expect to meet some renowned classical musicians. They include Viktor Tretyakov, one of the world’s best-known violinists; pianist Denis Matsuev; world opera stars Barbara Frittoli, Erwin Schrott, Ian Bostridge, Olga Peretyatko, and Anna Samuil; pianist, composer, and conductor Olli Mustonen, recipient of the Edison Award and Gramophone Award; Turkish pianist Fazil Say, a master of unconventional interpretations of classical works; grand prize winners at prestigious international violin competitions Agata Szymczewska and Sergey Krylov, along with Renaud Capuçon, Chevalier of the French National Order of Merit, recording exclusively with EMI; Riga Cathedral organist Iveta Apkalna; Germany’s Kuss string quartet, and many others. Italian maestro Claudio Vandelli and young Polish conductor Maciej Tworek will conduct the New Russia Symphony Orchestra, headed by Yuri Bashmet.


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  • Winter International Arts Festival under the direction of Yuri Bashmet started in Sochi. This time maestro decided to literally hit the resort residents and guests of the Russian resort capital. Bashmet has collected in Sochi a unique constellation of outstanding musicians, dancers, directors and art figures.


  • Scattering of Russian and international stars in the capital of the Winter Olympics. - International Arts Festival, organized by Yuri Bashmet woke the dead season in Sochi


  • Winter Arts Festival in Sochi begins to set the tone and direction of the other festivals - this year to gather the experience guests came from other cities and even countries.

    «Komsomolskaya pravda»

  • Ten days of the festival revived the city: cultural community tasted, enjoyed and discussed the events which grew strong from day to day. Most dedicated art lovers spent each evening visiting the events of the festival.


  • Winter Festival of Yury Bashmet was called a cultural revolution at the resort. Concert Hall of the city could not accommodate all those wishing to join the beautiful.

    TV channel RUSSIA 24

  • The inverse image of the Cultural Olympic program in Sochi“ - so named his Arts Festival Maestro Bashmet, and the resort christened it as a cultural revolution.

    ITAR-TASS News

  • .... All this slowly transforms the Sochi Festival from the category of exhibition of the top that can be assembled in one place (this idea is followed by the festival organizers) in the event, which opens up new artistic standards and sets guidelines. This year a lot of decision-makers and important figures, including major regional Philharmonic directors, have come to Sochi on their own initiative.


  • The fact that Winter International festival in Sochi will be one of the main cultural events of the future Sochi Olympics makes no doubt.

    «Rossiyskaya Gazeta»

  • On Sunday there triumphantly ended an International Sochi Arts Festival by Yuri Bashmet. At the closing ceremony Mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov said that the festival has become a wonderful holiday of music, introducing to the audiences classical music, dramatic arts and exhibition projects. According to him, "Maestro Bashmet helps Sochi residents to prepare for the 2014 Winter Olympics."

    Radio VOICE of RUSSIA

  • Arts Festival is considered to be one of the most exciting events that take place in Sochi. It is attended by artists and composers, whose tour schedule is formed a year ahead. That’s why the spectators come from all over Russia

    TV channel TVC